KAITAVIMAS.LT the team chose kites (kites) because it was their dream since childhood. The founder of the company was fascinated by Sea and Waves since he was 4 years old. As a child, looking at the Waves, he realized that one day he would fly with the seagull and connect with the elements of nature. With the advent of kites, the dream became a reality. 

Kiting the sea, when the wind is right, is the most fun pastime and the most suitable way of life for us. I like the most extreme conditions the most - when it's raining, the sky is dark, big waves are roaring around and a seal is aiming to bite your leg.

KAITAVIMAS.LT the team are kitesurfing fanatics and sincerely encourage everyone to join the company and feel better.

KAITAVIMAS.LT the team has graduated from higher education, therefore, after becoming kitesurfing instructors, we are able to provide the student with accurate information, consistently and clearly conduct lessons - in Lithuanian, English, Russian, Spanish.

Judging by the dedication of kitesurfing instructors to this sport, we can safely say that students will not feel any discomfort during the courses, all lessons will be particularly interesting, encouraging them to never give up and pursue their goals. At the end of the exchange courses, each student will be advised sincerely and with a smile on the purchase of the most optimal equipment.

Are YOU ready to fly?

KAITAVIMAS.LT was created to bring together all kitesurfers in one community with the aim of popularizing, promoting and improving this fantastic sport. We invite everyone from novice to expert to join us and become a member of this community.

Power kites are the newest extreme sport that is rapidly gaining extreme attention around the world. If you really like this sport, then join us, we must all be together, we must be united, we must help each other when we need it most, we must give advice when we need it most.

KAITAVIMAS.LT the team's goal is to make kitesurfing a safe and feel-good sport that everyone can enjoy!